RTA Meeting Reminder & Spotlight Member Information

Just a quick reminder that the next RTA network luncheon is Wed, May 9th, 2018  from 11:45am – 1:30pm at The Briarcliff Manor, 25 Studio Hill Rd, Briarcliff Manor.

Don’t forget to RSVP – click here

Consider bringing a guest.  RTA is currently looking for members who practice in the following fields:

• Accounting • Architecture • Bookkeeping • Business Law • Business Consulting • Chiropractic • Commercial
• Real Estate • Contracting • Divorce Law • Home Inspector • Supplemental Insurer • Mortgage Lender
• Home Movers • Photography • Real Estate Law • Therapy • Trusts & Estate Law

Also, Introducing the RTA “Spotlight Member”.  Each month RTA will feature different members as our “Spotlight Member” sharing their story, business and passion for what they do.  What better way to solidify your relationship with your fellow RTA members than to be featured this way!

If you would like to be included as a Rising Tides Alliance Spotlight Member click here

See you next week,


“Your network is the people who want to help you, and you want to help them, and that’s really powerful.” Reid Hoffman

RTA March Meeting Follow up

Greetings All,

Aprils Monthly RTA luncheon meeting had a nice size turnout with many new members and guests gaining new insight from stories and experiences we shared with each other.

Perry DiNapoli, of The Briarcliff Manor, opened the meeting by sharing the experience of the completion of the new construction of the Manor’s banquet space.  He and his crew create memorable events for guest of 100 – 150 where you are treated like family.  He shared with us his venture with Boca Lago and the process of how he came to the decision to step away from it and how knowing someone and trusting someone doesn’t always determine what is best in business.

Lisa Sauro, RTA’s new Communications Director, will be cultivating the interactions of the RTA group to help to solidify member relationships. Look for new website features coming soon!

Up first was guest, Kara Planamento and Steven Burchard of Magical Memories providing anywhere from 1 to 20 entertainers, from clowns to sword swallowers and has booked thousands of parties.  Ryan Smith of PlayNiceTogether spoke about his company and how he provides custom solutions for your comany’s web site and can design your logo.  Jim Newhouse of Newhouse Financial & Insurance Brokers, helps small to large companies with employee benefits. He has mastered the conversion of the technical language so it makes sense.  Brian Heyman, a Business Performance Advisor with Insperity, matches you with a package of HR solutions such as health benefits that fit your business.

We then heard from Anthony Farsetta & Andre Geraghty of PrimePay providing payroll solutions for companies with 1 – 115 employees and supports their clients with resources so as to never leave their clients side and stay involved.  Walter Brady of ASEA health and wellness, loves life at 72 and wants to live younger and longer. Ask him about his racquetball skills, no doubt the man is a living example of an age defier!

Next up was Daniel Aucar, the Operations Manager for Leros Point to Point, which provides worldwide chauffeured services, party busses and is the go to choice when it comes to transports of guest of the Briarcliff Manor.  Michael Powers of Arthur Murray Dance Studio’s of Yonkers, White Planes & Mt. Kisco shared how Arthur Murray has been established for a staggering 106 years! The dance studio is great for those who want to try something different or try something new and how the dance studio is just another vehicle for a new experience.

Guest Jacob Ling, Sales Director for Figure, talked about how his company is unique in the way they feature ipad Point of Sales and pointed out that with all the breach of data problems with other systems like Square Space, Figure does not own your data.  Kevin Brown of Hudson Barter Exchange,  loves to learn about business’s and the exchanging of information and how he is putting it out to all members of HBX. Kevin also made a point to give a big shout out to Steve & Cara for their excellent service and for being on top of their game when it comes to providing entertainment services.

Giving the room an energetic boost was long time RTA member Amir Asadi, Insurance and Investment Strategist with Mass Mutual. He helps protect life, health &  wealth and inspires you to think of you and your family. He loves what he does, life and people who enhance it.  It’s good to be alive!  He spoke of the Child Care Council of Westchester and the importance of getting involved.

Also joining us was guest Paolo Conte, an estate planning attorney who puts out fires by drafting wills to first put out the sparks. James Loewenberg, Branch Manager for Key Bank in Ossining offered a whopping $5,000 incentive to move your banking relationship to Key Bank.  Walter Camas, Financial Advisor with Morgan Stanley, shared how his clients are human beings not numbers, and is accessible anytime of the day. He truly cares about their life and with allot of noise going on in the markets these days, you have to be ready.

Injury Attorney, Ceasar Callin says its a sad day if you are bodily injured.  First he gives you support and will lead you to the right person and has great respect for his clients. He explained how recently he forfeited compensation when the right thing was to guide his client to go for a workers compensation package rather than having his company claim the settlement, because it was the right thing to do.

Carol Christiansen of Cafe Realty, energy, enthusiasm, empathy. Its not about the transaction, it’s about the transition. She also spoke about how there is a serious drug crisis in our backyard.  Carol has been on Cuomo’s panel and on television advocating for a call to action. Come support the cause, Saturday, April 21st, Drug Crisis In Our Backyard, “Walk to Stop The Stigma” event, Walk Over the Hudson.  Please click here to help to support her efforts.

Sue Lara, Owner of Sir Speedy, offers printing, sign making and marketing – keeping it simple.  When you call her store, a live person will always answer the phone and care about their customers.

Before the meetings closing, we again heard from Jim Newhouse who took the floor to share how touched he was by Carol’s “Drugs in Our Backyard” efforts and was surprised how large it has spread and the impact on families and urged everyone to donate.  Ceasar Callin also noted to please take the time to talk with your children about medicines prescribed and to consider getting involved in a mentoring program.  And Amir Asadi urged everyone to help to post his Child Care Council of Westchester info in every storefront possible.

In closing, Walter Brady competed the meeting by educating us with the  “Top 10 Reasons Why Business Relationships Are Important

It was again a wonderful meeting with like minded business enthusiast!

We look forward to seeing you again at the next Rising Tides Alliance meeting on May 9th!

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REMINDER: Rising Tide Alliance Meeting, March 28th, 2018

Hello Members,

Just a friendly reminder the next RTA Monthly Business Networking Luncheon is this Wed, April 11th from 11:45am – 1:30pm at The Briarcliff Manor, 25 Studio Hill Rd, Briarcliff Manor.

Looking forward to seeing you all there,


Our last meeting re-cap:
Perry kicked off the meeting with a positive conversation pushing everyone to reach for an all in attitude in order to keep growth forefront with success being the inevitable.  He spoke about The Briarcliff Manor seeking an additional sales executive and learning that for greater success, its better to search the Indeed resumes, opposed to posting an Indeed help wanted ad.

Joining us were RTA members Walter Brady of ASEA Health & Wellness Products, Tom Cameron of Digitalputting.com, John Fallen IT Consulting & Support, Personal Injury attorney Cesar Callan and Ryan Smith of Play Nice Together, all sharing aspects of their business.

Kevin Brown of the Hudson Barter Exchange shed light on what a big Dentistry barter week it had been and how beneficial a tool HBX has always been for summer campers.  Carol Christiansen of Cafe Realty has the Freshly Brewed Approach when it comes to real estate and how she supports “The Walk Over The Hudson” non-profit fund raiser.  Michael Powers of Authur Murray Dance Studio’s encouraged everyone to try a class with many RTA members speaking out adding that not only are the classes a great healthy exercise but more so a fantastic social aspect.  Michael also gave us some insight on a new clause hidden in leasing contracts and what to be aware of before signing one.

We welcomed RTA guests Donvil Collins from VeeKast -Event & Video services & Fundraising Thermometer and Tracy Reimann, Estate – Business and Eldecare Attorney along with Frances Cicogna owner of the Money Mailer of Northeast Westchester & Putnam.

Time flew with so many conversations and ideas shared all while indulging in a delicious lunch providing for another overall productive successful RTA meeting.

Next Month’s RTA Meeting is on Wednesday, May 9th, 2018